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Every year farmers bring some of their cattle & cows to

the alps after spring for the summer month. On the alps

they get sufficient exercise & rich feed as well as clean

water and air enable Swiss dairy cows to produce high

quality milk, which is further processed into a tasty Alp

Cheese on location.


Its estimated that around 17,000 herdsmen & woman

spend the summer month on the Alp. Bear in mind that

in Switzerland are 1.59 million cows.

Why they put bells on cows & cattle? Since the livestock

is free-roaming, herders can keep track of an animal via

the sound of the bell when the animal is grazing out of

view in hilly alpine pastures or vast plains. However the

size of the bells differ from the ones when they ascent

and decent into alpine meadows.


Every year between September & October you can

witness such an emotinal and beautiful event in various

regions of Switzerland. ALP-ABZUG - Alpine decent is a

tribute to these great animals and their herdsmen and

woman, an old traditional event. It always fills me with

great pride and joy to watch such an event.


The livestock is richly decorated with flowers etc, on their

heads, usually the Head Cow leading this traditional pro-

cession. It is to say thank you for protecting animals and

the herdsmen & woman for getting divine protection whilst

being in the alpine regions. If you have never seen this in

your life it is certainly something you should plan for next



Due to Covid 19 the program has changed, Usually after

the livestock is safely back from the Alp there would be a

big party afterwards, which has fallen away this year.


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