Christina (Analog) - Namibia 1988


"A Retro Journey into the Past"

Location: Sossusvlei - Kolmanskop - Namibia



Welcome back to this website.


I have been working for the last few month improving

this website, sifting through the folders of contents and

doing some cleaning-up and reworking some of the old

photographs, which has been long overdue. I guess by

now I am about 50% done and as you can see on the

list, see homepage, there have been quite a few.


One of my latest Project was the Photoshoot I did with

my beautiful wife Christina which we did in Namibia in

1988. Those familiar with Namibia will know that if you

go there, it is a must to see Sossusvlei. Nowhere else,

you will find gigantic Sand Dunes like you'ill see there.


Being close to another interessting place to see and it

is nearby would be:  Lüderitz  &  Kolmanskop.


Kolmanskop is 10 km inland from Lüderitz. It is a Ghost

Town with lots of history. At the time 1908 Namibia was

called: German South-West Africa another ex - colonial

place in Africa. The Germans built a railway and it was

then where they found a diamond at the station called:

Aus! It created a boom, with a whole infrastructure, no

rain, extremly hot, yet there was Electricity from the

powerstation in Lüderitz. Schools, Shops and various

buildings, Hospital which was equipped with the first

x-ray machine in the Southern Hemisphere. An Ice -

machine to make Iceblocks for each household. A

Saltwater Swimming pool, Bowling Ally and a Gym.

The houses all built in the traditional German style.


The diamond production was based on sifting trough

the surface layer of the surrounding dessert. Between

1908 - 1913  Kolmanskop produced 4.693.321 Karat.

Just bear in mind that everything which you needed in

this small town of 400 people had to be imported. Water

being the most important part, yet all the rest came from

Germany, to Cape Town and landing in Lüderitz.


It was considered at the time the richest town in Africa.

By 1930 most diamonds were mined and other areas in

the southern part of SWA where discovered. The town

was left to the dessert.........


The photoshoot required a special permit so we could

be there just after sunrise. As a backdrop we choose

the main building, the Mine Managers house. Those

days I was still working with B&W and Agfachrome slide

film which has an inherited grain structure which was the

in thing at the time. In later years I scanned them into a

digital format, however I lost a lot of the original slides to

damage and moving places.


Anyway, I would like to share with you, what I consider

my favorites. I trust you will like some of them.


Best regards.








































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