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Welcome back to this website.


This latest eddion of images represents some of my most

favourite images I have taken during the last year.

ART COLLECTION - 2019, which is a mix of:

Architecture, Landscape, Street & Portrait photography.


It consists of a mix of all of them, in Colour and B&W, since

I like working in both of them.


B&W is and can be extremely graphic when you take a shot

of a building, or a landscape, since you only work with black, grays and whites.


Portraits is one I like to work in B&W too, however I like the variation of both of them. As you go on looking at the images you'll see what I mean.


The journey starts in: Oman, Emirates and Bahrain.

Actually these photographs were taken late in November

2018, but I like that series and I deceided to incorporate t

hem in this collection.


From there the journey takes us to the North-Eastern part of

India, in the state of Assam. Prior of arriving there I crossed

Bhutan from the Western part heading right across East and

from there South, crossing the border to India and travelling to

a place called: Guwahati. A very different place compare to Bhutan, they couldn't be more different!


Most of these photographs in this collection were taken in the

Mountain Kindom of Bhutan. Well, I trust that you will find

some of these images interesting, it will take you to a very different world with a culture which is very close to their land

and religion. Enjoy the experience.



Best regards.
















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