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Born and educated in Switzerland. Qualified as an Precision Mechanic in 1970. Completed army duties as an NCO with the Guided Missile Units in 1972. Language course in Bournemouth, with a trip around the UK. I started taking photographs 1972 with an old Voigtländer 35mm view camera. I really got involved into photography, doing some basic courses in B&W developing in Zurich. I started working as a photographic technician on Minolta cameras. 1974, leaving for South Africa, camera technician for: Nikon & Olympus. 1976-83 working for Agfa Photo on Labor equipment for Paper & Film processing. 1983 I started my own one-man company  Swisstech -Services working on Labor equipment, and the last 8 years in desktop publishing.


Next to Photography & Water-Skiing, Border Collies played a huge part in my life. BC dogs are the most beautiful creatures for me, their intelligence, loyalty are very special.  I became very

involved with "Border Collie Rescue" as an foster parent to look after neglected BC's. I had the privilege to look after and be with a number of dogs, including my own, (I always had two of them) working and caring for them has given me immense pleasure.

There is nothing like a Border Collie, you have to own one to understand what I mean with this!


A special THANK YOU goes to all the dedicated people from: Border Collie Rescue, Karen Grey you and the other ladies

are doing a sterling job! I miss you all.......

My love and appreciation for these dogs is immense.


Through taking photographs for a South African Waters-Sports magazine in the early eighties I got involved in Bare - Footing, Waterski Racing & Water Skiing, the latter part for 10 years on

a Regional & National level, in  Slalom Water Skiing. In 1999

I became Senior Men II - SA Champion. 2003, injuries & other changes forced me to retire from competitive Slalom skiing.


Since I needed a new challenge in my life, I decided to look at the highest mountain in Africa. I embarked to reach Uhuru peak on Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2005. I had the privilege to reach summit with my guide and 3 porters in a Blizzard on the Machame route via Arrow-Glacier, staying in the Crater Base Camp overnight and

summiting Uhuru Peak the next morning in a hauling snowstorm.  I knew then, that I would have to come back again to this very special place, but next time in clear weather.


Destination Africa Tours, saw my photographs of this epic journey, not long after I did promo tours in SA, got a full sponsorship to go back to the Empress of Africa. DAT needed photographs of a group going to the top. I got some friends, 3 men & 1 lady together and started training, this time for a double summit in 2006 on the Lemosho Route. We reached summit in stunning weather, overnight camp in the crater, followed by the 2nd summit the following day. It is the hardest thing I have done in my entire life, Kilimanjaro has given me much insight of myself. We had a great team and fantastic guides & porters who are to me the real heros

in this harsh environment.


A special thank you to John and his great  Guides & Porters from:  Team Kilimanjaro (Arusha - Tanzania)


Thank you to all of the members in my team, for a great journey, I salute to you all.


Emigrated back to Switzerland in 2007. Retired in 2015 and living in Sarnen near Luzern. Have been together with my wife Tina since 1986.


This website is actually dedicated to two very special ladies:


Tina, THANK YOU for all your understanding and support for my absorbing hobby's. For being my friend, my lover & wife. You are indeed a very special and beautiful woman.


Patricia Plummer in Adelaide, Australia whom I met in 1982 who wrote & published her first book in her early eighties and went on

to write a few more after that. An accomplished witer and painter.


THANK YOU for all your encouragement.  With much love



Sarnen, Switzerland - March 2011


Peter Wick


I started off using a  DIY web program  to try and do my web-page from A - Z, had no problem with the graphic side of it, but the scripting and what goes behind, well that is another story.


Special thanks to Martin Baud & team for doing a great job behind the homepage.

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