Incredible India 2018


Part One


Location:  Southern - India - Madurai - Periyar - Kochi


Welcome back to this website.


I am back with my latest work during a interesting journey

to some of the must see places in India. Wow, what a journey

it was. I am humbeled, excited, thankful to have seen these

places we have visited. I am blown away by the history, the

art and people of this very exciting place called: India, hence

why I call it Incredible India in my title.


Coming from Europe to Mumbai, a huge city in the excess

of 22 Million people living there it is quite something to see

the amount of people on the move. India has a population

of around 135 Million. The first thing you will notice coming

from Europe, is the density of people and cars and many other

form of transport. What looks at first like a major chaos,

actually and to my great surprize works very well. There is

hardly any aggression to be seen on the roads.


Part One deals with the Southern part of India, which is very

different to the Northern and central part. The journey sarted

in Madurai and took us through the Kardamom mountains.

The countryside in a lush and splendid green, rice, tea, banana

and fruit plantations. Crossing from the state Tamil Nadu into

Kerala to Thekkady which is the Spice Paradise of India.

Many spices like:  Pepper, Kardamom & Cinnamon, just to

name a few are grown here.


A visit to the Periyar National Park moving torward the

South Western part of India staying two nights at the Marari

Beach Hotel in Mararikulam at the Arabian sea.


A full day House-boat trip from Alappuzha was a great day

to see the countryside from the water. Next stop was in Kochi

or also known as Cochin. A very important harbour for India.

A harbour cruise with a magic sunset complet our journey to

the Southern tip of India.


What realy is impressive is the gentleness and friendlyness of

the people in the South.I can only compare it to my second

home in Africa. Always a smile from kids to adults. It is a

dream for any photographer, since hardly ever you would find

a person who objects to be photographed. I think I fell in love

with this country and its culture from the second day onwards.

I love the people, the countryside, the many cultural sites with

the exquisite tempels and buildings and the vibrant colours.


Part Two will start in Delhi.


Best regards














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