Incredible India 2018


Part Three


Location:  Varanasi


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Next to Taj Mahal, VARANASI was certainly another high -

light on this India trip. This city has been over many centuries

a cultural and spirutal place, a place for pilgrims and many

other travellers who visit India. Situated on the mighty river



In no other place you will find as many cremations as you do

in Varanasi which happens daily night and day along the river

banks. Many people travel to this city on their final journy, it

is believed to die there is good Karma.


When you go there and visit this magic place, it is a must do

to travel along the shores with a boat, it will give you a great

view of this anciant place.


It was very special being there during full moon and the start

of the Holi Festival. Watching first the sunset from the boat &

later on during the night the festival in full progress was indeed

a great experience. The following morning once again on the

boat we saw the most beautiful sunrise, which will remain in my

memory for a long time to come.


I still get goose bumps today, looking back on this visit to this

very special place, it has left me humbled, in some way almost

sad, but most off all it has left me with an incredible feeling of

inner peace. I am very happy to have been there it also showed

me how the Indian culture deals with death. I am very much at

peace with that fact now, more so than ever before.























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