Incredible India 2018


Part Two


Location:  New Delhi & Agra (Taj Mahal)


Welcome back to this website.


From the southern part of India, our next stop was the

multi million metropole New Delhi. A bustling city with

many ancient sites and things to see. See photographs.


From New Delhi we traveled by train "Gatiman Express"

to Agra. Having seen the Taj Mahal on pictures many

times, I really wondered what it would be like to see in

real life. This ancient architectural site is of course a well

attented tourist attraction which means long queues at

the entrance gates.


I will never forget the feeling I experienced when I finally

saw the Taj Mahal in front of me. It is awsome, beautiful,

exquisite, simply a breathtaking site. The craftmanship on

the white marble plates with the dark inlays is superb.

The overall impact on one's eye on a picture is simply no

match, when you see the Taj Mahal in it's natural



As an photographer I was spellbound by this absolutly

beautiful ancient memorial, I just could not get enough

photographs of it, however many hunderds of other

people tried to do likewise. You will see many pictures in

my collection of this famous ancient site, which I have

fallen in love with.


Having seen it in real life, left me humbled, overwhelmed

with a imense feeling of peace and happiness, but also at

the same time the feeling of sadness, I shall never forget.




Love to you all














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