Incredible India 2018


Part Five


Location:  Udaipur


Welcome back to this website.


Part Five of the: Incedible India 2018 is the final chapter

of this wonderful journey to India. It has been a priviledge

to have been there, it has been an unforgetable trip to

different regions and cultures within this exciting continent.


It has been a great journey which will stay in my mind for a

long time to come. The impressions are clearly on my mind.

The art and architecture is impressive, the contrast between

rich and poor is huge and so is the density of population. The

alltime presence of vivid colours is a paradise for any photo-

grapher. The sound of the Sitar music is very bewitching, it

has a very calming effect on me.


The sight of the Taj Mahal, the Holy Festival and the city of

Varanasi, the palaces in Jaipur and Udaipur will always

come onto my mind when I think of India.


I loved being there and certainly would like to return to India

on another trip. It was an incredible journey which has made

me think different about many aspects of life. It certainly has

enhanced and enriched my life which I am very grateful for.























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