Wildlife Safari - Masai Mara - Kenya 2017


Part Three - Final


Location:   Masai Mara - Kenya


Welcome back to this website.


If you love wildlife this is the right place to be at. I will start

with Part One and there will be another two parts to come.

I hope you will enjoy some of these wildlife photographs.

Thank you for your visit. Feel free to send me a comment.


This is my fourth journey to the great Masai Mara in Kenya. In

my humble opinion, one can never get enough of this famous

Nationalpark in the Southern part of Kenya. I think why I have

been back to this place is for one the diversity and numbers of

wildlife you can see in this place. You can, if you are lucky,

see the Big Four in one day. I love this place, it is a dream

for any person who wants to watch wild animals in their

natural habitat.


As a photographer with an interest in wildlife photography,

this is certainly one of the best to go to. Every trip so far I

have done in the Masai Mara was great. Every time it has

been like, I have been there the first time, every time so



The one constant part are the two great Bush Camps which

I had the priviledge to stay in. Sunworld Safari has done a

great job in providing a superb set up with great tents and a

great team with friendly staff & management to make

your stay a pleasure.

Asante Sana to you all, I had a wonderful time.


Another very important factor to the success of getting close

to the animals and action is of course a reliable vehicle and

the Driver which is also a qualified Guide.

Without his knowledge and driving skills you might miss out

on some great chances & oppertunities to get the shot of an

animal or a kill.


Wilson Siele my driver/guide has done a great job in getting

me around and and trying to get the best spot and angle to

get me a good perspective for my camera and lens. Not an

easy task when another twenty cars and fellow photographer

trying to do the same especially during a kill.


Asante Sana Wilson, you are one of the best !


I was lucky enough this time around to witness some lion

leopard, cheetha & crocodile kills which of course is a

bonus and a bit of both, luck and knowing where all the

animals are. The only thing I did not see is the crossing of

the:wildebeast crossing the Mara river, yet there were

many thousands of them, but Isuppose they enjoyed the

lush and green grass in the Mara too much, so for that I

had to stay and wait for another two weeks or so. Hopefully

I will see the migrating wildebeast one day crossing the

Mara river.


I've been very fortunate and see one of the  Super Moons

this year which I  photographed, but this one was very

special for me. It was very bright and beautiful to see over

the plains & savannah, one of these special moments on

this great journey.The moon was in  Aries, they also call it:

The Hunter's Moon, very apt in the name !



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