Incredible India 2018


Part Four


Location:  Jaipur


Welcome back to this website.


I must admit  Varanasi left a big impression on my mind.

After the Taj Mahal certainly another highlight on this India

journey. We flew back to New Dehli from Varanasi and the

next strech New Dehli to Jaipur and Udaipur were done by

bus. On the way we visited an old city called: Fatehpur Sikri.

Built in 1569, due to the fact that there was not enough water

it was abandoned only 15 years later and became a "Lost City"


Jaipur another old city in India surrounded with hills & lakes,

mountains in the background and the splendor of the many

palaces lets your imagination go back in time when the very

wealthy Maharadschas where ruling the various states in



We visited the Amber Fort which is situated on the top of a

mountain overlooking the surrounding area. We actually were

taken up there on elephants which was quite special.


The City Palace is where the present Maharadscha of Jaipur

still lives today, has been opened to the public in some parts

and it is worthwhile visiting.


Another way of creating income for the few Maharadschas

left in today's India is partly convert a Palace into a hotel. we

were fortunate enough to stay in one of those places.


Rambagh Palace is a very beautiful place, it lacks on nothing

splendor all the way, absolute magic. One of the nights staying

there they celebrated in one part of the complex a real Indian

wedding with a few hundert guests. Wow, what a setting, it is

one of these moments which you wonder can this be, splendor

all the way, the set up in the gardens, the colours, the music,

the elephants, the lights, truly out of this world......



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