Wildlife Collection 2018


Location:  Masai Mara Kenya


Welcome back to this website.


Wildlife Collection 2018 contains all my favourite photo-

graphs which were taken excactly one year ago in the magic

Masai Mara in Kenya. It certainly rates as one of my most

preferred place for Wildlife Photography. Reason being it

is very large in size and has a great variety of many different

animals & birds alike, not to forget the huge Crocodiles which

you will find plenty of along the Mara River. To see the: Big

Migration crossing over that river is another story. In oldern

days it was more predictable to gauge the right time when to

be there for this annual spectactle. It has a lot to do with the

change in weather patterns having under-gone changes, in

short, I think it has a lot to do with global warming.

After four trips to Masai Mara I have never managed to see the

big herds crossing, I have seen either the beginning or the tail

end of it. A year ago it was close, big herds of Gnus and Zebras

were gathering at the edge for days, however they never did

cross in large numbers only a few at the time.


Needless to say if you lucky you can see the: Big Five

in one day.


I love the Masai Mara with a passion, I love Sunworld Safaris

their Bush Camps with their staff and the guides are a class

on their own. I certainly can reccomend them, since I had the

priviledge to be with them on four trips.




Wildlife Collection 2018 contains work which I have done

during my last stay during October 2017. I wish I could be there

again this year, being on a Safari in Africa is something you

will never get tired of, every day something else happens out in

the savannah, you never know what happens next with all these

incredible animals around you, indeed a very special thing to be

on a Safari in Africa, I must warn you though it is very addictive.


Enjoy the images of these magnificant creatures in their natural



Best regards






















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