Arabia - Oman - Emirates - Bahrain  2018


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Welcome back to this website.


Arabia 2018 contains a collection of various images, starting

in the pulsating city of Dubai.


Travelling on a Aida Cruise ship from Dubai the journey took

us to the beautiful and ancient city of: Muscat in the Oman.

I loved this country, it is very special in many ways for me.

The present Sultan of Oman has during his reign, modernised

this country with the help of being an oil producing country, to

a modern and vibrant place.


Abu Dhabi was the next port of call. A sunrise trip into the

dessert is something very special to do, the misty and diffused

light in the early hours is a treat for any photographer. Going

through the high sand dunes with an expert driver in a power-

full V8 4x4 at high speeds is definitely not for people with fear.


Bahrain another modern Gulf state was the next stop. What's

amazing, is the state of architecture you will find in these Gulf

states, is is ultra modern and beautiful to see these high rise



Dubai the start and the ending of this cruise, a melting pot of

many cultures, an ultra modern city. I had the priviledge to be

on the tallest building in excistance the mighty Burj Khalifa

at a staggering height of 828m. It is a breathtaking building,

a master piece of engineering, the light effects at night is truly

spectacular. Burj al Arab is equally another master piece of

modern engineering. I loved the place purely for the fact that

it is modern, high tech, clean, exciting and where money has

been spent to create something special and not being wasted

on senseless wars and arms.


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