Drone Photography  -  September 2019

Location: Sarnen & surrounding - Switzerland



Welcome back to this website.


Well, it has been some time since I got down to do some new

photographs. The Bhutan series which is in four parts, (see in

the Gallery under Travel)  took arround 4 month including a

glossy Photobook of 100 pages to complete.


A friend of mine "infected me with Drone virus" about 2 month

ago, when he gave me a practical demo with his set up. I was

very impressed & of course interrested to find out more about

it. There are many possibilities to apply a drone in photo -

graphy, it creates new perspectives and angles which you can

not do with a normal camera camera set up. It will never re -

place my current photographic set up, however it will be a new

way of exploreing landscapes and architectural motives alike.


I must admit it is great fun to handle one of these drones, I got

one about a month ago and did some testflights in the backyard

and started taking some photographs in my hometown and a

few places near where I live.


This is my first lot of images which I took with the Mavic 2 Pro,

it is a bit of a learning process, however good fun too and I am

sure it will get better as I go along.



Best regards.
















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